SANKO Pallet Rental (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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why rental pallet?

Improve pallet operation rate

We can substitue user with the safety, hygienic, and durable pallet which user will no create any excess pallet inventory.

Various type of pallets available for rental

We are group company with No.1 plastic pallet manufacturer in japan (SANKO Co., Ltd.) who operating 26 plants domestically and owning different type of injection molds to meet client's specification.

Advantage of rental pallet from SANKO

Specialize in the many production technique

We are having many production tecnique such as injection, blowing, pressing and foaming formation to make sure that our pallets suitable to use for all industry

We aim to contribute to logistic industry efficient with high quality product

We oblidge to strictly mantain and develop our pallet. All the manufacutured pallet with be control under sanko technical center

Compatible with RFID

Our pallet designed to compatible with RFID technology.