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RFID Technology

What is RFID

RFID is the technology that uses radio waves to automatically identify and track the tags that develope to store electronically information. RFID tags are being used in many industries. For example, attached RFID tags to an automobiles during assembly process for tracking the progress. Moreover, in many industry such as appearal, pharmaceutical, retail stores, RFID also included in warehouses operation as well.

Merit of RFID

  • Enable real-time tracking

    The installed RFID tags in each pallet will recieved and send the signal at the moment pallet enter the warehouse area which enble the user to locate the pallet accurately

  • Increase retunable rate

    Reduce possibility of pallet loss

  • Enable better inventory forecast and onward stock preparation

    While RFID tags pass through the reader all the electronic data will be instantly tranfer to the system and automatically calculate the statistics record for user.