SANKO Pallet Rental (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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SANKO Pallet Rental (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sanko Pallet Rental (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was esthablied on 16 December 2016 under the co-operation between SANKO Co., Ltd. and ITOCHU Enterprise (Thailand) Ltd.

Our main business is to provide the wide range of plastic pallet and plastic container for rental.

SANKO Co., Ltd.

SANKO Co., Ltd. was established in Japan since 1951 with authorized capital of 100 million yen.

For more than 60 years "SANKO" has been well-known as the biggest plastic manufacturer in Japan, our main products are plastic container, plastic pallet for using in plant and logistic industry.

Currently, SANKO domestically operates 26 plants, 9 branch offices, 64 sales offices by 3,300 employees.


Tokyo Headquarter

2-11-2 Eitai, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Tel : +81-3-3630-3535

Fax: +81-3-3630-3693

Gifu Headquarter

474-1 Honden, Mizuho-shi, Gifu

Tel : +81-58-327-3535

Fax : +81-58-327-6691


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